5 mins with: Flynn Clifford

Name: Flynn Clifford.

Team: U11s.

How Long have you played for Lydiard Youth? 4 years.

What position do you play/what’s your favourite position? Striker / Striker.

What’s the best thing about playing football? Scoring goals, winning games and being part of a team.

Who do you most admire on your team? Luca because he is a good goalkeeper and makes lots of great saves.

Favourite professional team? Tottenham Hotspur.

If you could have a coaching session with any player, who it be? Harry Kane.

why? Because i think i can learn a lot from him in terms of scoring goals and being a good team player.

What did you have for breakfast? Toast.

What do you want to do for a job? Professional Footballer.

What super power would you most like? To be able to Fly.

What other interesting fact can you tell us about you? I’m the only one in my family who does not need glasses and i’ve got 20/20 vision.

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